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Michelle Stone - Victory Church Women's retreat 2/11/2015
Hi Sarah. I go to Victory Church in Lancaster. Not sure if you remember me but we chatted just a bit when you were here for our women's conference. I finally had a chance to listen to your new album. I LLLLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEE it. I've been dealing with some personal stuff and your album is just what I needed. I love how I can rock out in my mini van! Thank you and keep doing what you do, you are a blessing
Michelle Stone - Victory Church Women's retreat 2/11/2015
Hi Sarah. I go to Victory Church in Lancaster. Not sure if you remember me but we chatted just a bit when you were here for our women's conference. I finally had a chance to listen to your new album. I LLLLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEE it. I've been dealing with some personal stuff and your album is just what I needed. I love how I can rock out in my mini van! Thank you and keep doing what you do, you are a blessing
Andreas - Gullbrannagården Midsummer Conference 6/21/2014
Sweden got the new record, "MY CORNER OF HEAVEN" yeahhhhh!! ReLly good
song today
Andy Michalow - Saddleback Church 5/25/2014
What is the name of the last song you sang today, 04-15-14 at Saddleback Church. The lyrics are beautiful and the melody was heavenly
Sunday, May 11th
Rebekah Baum-Leaman - LCBC 5/14/2014
Sarah, Thank you for visiting LCBC on Sunday. Your music touched my heart. I recently lost my brother in a tragic accident and the last song you sang, lifted my spirits. I forget the title but I know it will be on your new album. I also purchased your album, Midnight Sun, and have received great comfort from the song, "Standing on my Knees." Thank you for sharing your gift of music.
so excited!!!
Kari B. - Timberline Windsor - Concert 3/12/2014
I cannot wait! Well, I have to but I don't want to!!! See you there Sarah!!! Love from above! Kari
Sparks Christian Fellowship
lisa rueter - Sparks Christian Fellowship 3/2/2014
Awesome worship service! We love your music.
Gifted Voice
Sonia Huerta - Community Christian Church 2/16/2014
I know the heavens heard this amazing voice! May God continue to bless your music and the band.. For His Glory & Grace!! Blessed to have witnessed one of the most gifted voice! Wow!!
Gifted Voice
Sonia Huerta - Community Christian Church 2/16/2014
I know the heavens heard this amazing voice! May God continue to bless your music and the band.. For His Glory & Grace!! Blessed to have witnessed one of the most gifted voice! Wow!!
Loved Sarah!
Sheri Fain - Community Christian Church 2/16/2014
I enjoyed Sarah tonight at my home church, Community Christian in Hemet CA I just love her heart! Her passion for Jesus is so real and so raw. It was easy to experience Jesus tonight with her leading worship. Thank you Sarah you are such and blessing and you rocked it girl!
Corner in Heaven
Lily - Secret show in Oxnard - Location TBA 1/25/2014
Sarah, you rock!! And I know you will rock out in heaven as well one day ;) I'm so glad I got to see you perform tonight. The first time I ever saw you was at Revival in Menifee, Ca. Your first album Take Me Away was a huge part of my life - I'll never forget the impact that album and your story had on me. Thanks for being you girl! GB!
Norco, CA visit
Roxanne Gandy - New Beginnings Community Church 1/13/2014
OMGosh, I cannot wait to see you again. Saw you the first time at a coffee house in Murrieta and then at Revival Christian Fellowship many times & listened to your CD's, (several of them) until they about wore out. I'm super excited for your Feb 2nd visit at New Beginnings Church in Norco, CA! You played a pivotal part in my Christian growth. God Bless you Sarah. I hope you have found the happiness you so rightly deserve! 😊💗
Authentic & Heartfelt
Sharon C - Thousand Oaks Calvary Chapel - Women's event 12/8/2013
Sarah blessed all the women who attended the Women's Christmas Tea at Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Newbury Park. Thank you for sharing your gift with us both Friday evening and again on Sunday. May the Lord continue to use you mightily in the kingdom for His glory! God bless you dear sister in Christ!
Springcreek Retreat
Cathy McCullough - Spring Creek Church 4/22/2013
Sarah's music is awesome! We had the best time worshiping with her!
my favorite singer ever!
Amber - Hemet Community Christian 8/18/2012
omg when i saw this i was so happy so can't wait to give you the bestest hug ever i love and miss you sarah!!!
Awesome concert/speaking
Dar - Ichthus Festival 6/25/2012
I had heard your singing with TobyMac and I did not put your name together with you being at Ichthus. You were awesome and I admire your ministry. Love your songs and especially worship songs that reach the hearts. God Bless! Glad to have been opened to your ministry. GO GIRL! Dar
Galleria Stage
Megan Scott - Ichthus Festival 6/24/2012
I went and see her at Ichthus and i must say she has a very strong story and a Very kind heart. She is such a strong woman. It was a blessing to meet her and I am looking forward to seeing her at Ichthus next year.
Linda - Osby Kyrka 3/18/2012
Dear Sarah! I want to give you my deepest thanx for a nice experience yesterday at Osby. I have not heard you sing before, but now you are one my "best list". Unfortunally I had to go after one hour because of my daughter who got a bit restless, but all the way home she was crying in the car "I want to go back to the curch!" She is 2 years old, so I guess you made a good impression on her aswell. =) Take care and I wish you the all the best!
Donna Kauffman - Benefit Concert / Shady Maple Banquet Center 10/28/2011
I was truly blessed this evening with your beautiful voice at the Izzy benefit banquet. Thank you so much for sharing God with us through your music.
You touch my heart
Andrew - Woodlands Church 10/9/2011
Sarah, I'm a grown man, but every time you sing at Woodlands Church you make me cry
Met you today at Community
Marcelina Ortega - Community Christian Church 9/25/2011
I have to tell you, that you have touched my heart and soul. YOUR voice is amazing!!..I went with my best friend to Community Christian Church in Hemet for the first time. Everything you said at today's service touched my soul and my heart. Im going thru your same experiences, and I have to tell you that you sure opened my eyes, you in your very special way helped me realized that I have made good decisions for the future of my daughter and I. She loved you as well, she said "mommy that's Ariel".. and she has not stopped singing since the service. THank you for sharing your experiences and your gift of music.
Sarah is friendly
Melissa M. - Grace Fest 9/20/2011
I was at her concert, and i was not able to watch her perform, but i heard every song as i was volunteering to help out. I did stand in line to get Sarah's autograph and possibly a photo with her. I was very surprised how friendly and attentive she was to all of her fans, she took time to talk with them. She gave everyone a hug, and took a photo with me like we were best friends. Hearing her music and getting to meet her made the concert extremely awesome.
Thank you!
Danny - Grace Fest 9/19/2011
Sarah, it was a pleasure meeting you at GraceFest AV and listening to your beautiful voice. I must say that you are the most down to earth artist I have ever worked with and you truly blessed us with your music and your love of our Savior. To watch you not just sign autographs for your fans but take the time to converse with each one individually, pray with them, give counsel, cheer them up and provide encouragement and hope was a gift to me and lifted my spirits to new heights. I hope we can get you to come back here for a full performance some day because you made a lot of new fans here in the desert on Saturday. I wish you safe travels and pray that God continues to bless you, your band, family and most of all that He uses you to reach the lost through the extradordinary gift of music that He has blessed you with. Your brother in Christ - Danny Bazzell (your "bodyguard" during the autograph signing) I use that term lightly because we know who it is that watches over us all. :-)
Saw you at Gracefest
Wendy - Grace Fest 9/19/2011
A group of us went from Rosamond, Bakersfield and Ridgecrest. I go to THe Highlands church in Palmdale, CA. We had never heard of you before the concert and had listened to you online. In person you concert was amazing, your testimony encouraged each one of us who are going through our own trials that God can take the mess of our lives and turn it around for good. We LOVED your voice, and you ushered in God's presence in your worship and through your testimony. Just wanted to say thank you. You left a mark and change in all our lives. To God Be the GLORY. Blessings to you and your family.
Wonderful Concert!
Edith - Torp Conference 6/28/2011
You have a amazing voice!! And the concert was wonderful! Thanks for the hug on the way out! Ps. And i promise. At least 21 ;)
Tomas - LifeCenter International Church 6/19/2011
Thanks for a blessed evening in the church! You shared the touching story of your life, and singed some nice songs. But next time, bring och rock band and do some heavy metal!
worship music
Brandy Green - Woodlands Church 6/12/2011
Thank you for sharing your music and letting us learn your music during worship time. We'll miss you while your away. Be safe!
My Grandaughter
Randy Ackerman - Timberline Church 6/7/2011
Sarah You were such a blessing at church on Sunday morning. We talked with you after the 8:30 service and you autographed your new CD for my grandaughter Shelby. She really took to heart your coments and helped her in her journey. She has had many other issuses to deal with lately, but is recovering very well from her 1 in 4 experience of 6 years ago. I just want to know that you did make a huge impact in her life of 11years. I just want to thank you for everything and let you know that we have added you to our prayer list and hope that your walk with God continues to produce much fruit. Thanks again for your heart and passion for God. Randy
Meredith - Timberline Church 6/6/2011
Thank You so much for sharing your amazing Blessed singing with us. We have been through some rough stuff over the last 4 years w/ 2 special need kids, unemployment, etc. Yesterday Biker Sunday was our 1st Date night in awhile and your songs touched my heart. God and I were able to connect. Something I have been needing for awhile. I believe(know) he is at work in our lives every day , but i have been longing for his intimate touch.. Thank you for being a vessel.
Amazing performance!
Pamela Rosecrance - Timberline Church 6/5/2011
Sarah- Your music, voice and talent on the piano were truly amazing when I heard you at today's 11:30 service. I was very touched by your story and felt like I could relate. Never stop singing such wonderful praises of love and life! Thanks so much for this experience.
Ft. Collins
Hugh & Pam - Timberline Church 6/4/2011
YAAAAAAYYY!!!!!! We used to see you a lot at Revival in So Cal, so we are VERY glad to see you at our new church in CO!
Melissa Kane - Pocono Community Church 5/12/2011
Sarah I saw you perform at pocono community church and you are fantastic. I love your voice and the songs you sang. You are truly talented. I bought your cd's and listen to them on my way to work and back. It puts me in good spirits and a smile on my face before I go to work.
You are amazing!
Taylor - Calvary Church 4/20/2011
Me and my stepdad were at first service on sunday to see the beginning of the two part church play and we bought all four of your cds and they were amazing! You were sooo good with singing worship!! Something that would be really cool would be a like almost a duet of you and skillet! You guys would sound amazing together! Just wanted to say that I love your cds!!
Rusty Wright - Victory Church 3/27/2011
Sarah, Thank you sooo much for praying for my wife Donna and I. I was so encouraged to have God speak into my life thru you. I gave my wife your new cd Midnight Sun. She really likes it. We love you at Victory Church. I pray often for you and your husband. In Christ, Rusty
Sunday morning
LDK - Victory Church 3/7/2011
Frank, earnest, you opened up to deliver your message was amazing! Your message will stay with me for a very long time. You really need to do an "unplugged" version of Always Undeniable--the way you performed it that morning was truely breath-taking. God bless you and your continuing efforts!
Colleen - Victory Church 3/6/2011
Sarah I just want to thank you for your testimony today at Victory. We just love you there...between your songs Sat. night and your testimony and songs Sunday morning it has totally touched the deepest parts of my soul, my past. A part I thought I had hidden away and forgotten about, came out into the light today. Thank you....I've been crying pretty much all day. You broke down walls that it took me 13 years to build and hide behind. He is using you in some mighty and powerful ways....I'm ready to put the past behind me once and for all and to be a restored, renewed woman of God. I truly love you and say you go girl, let's both run like the wind, it's wonderful no longer being held down in chains....freedom in Christ is amazing....I took your advice and have been listening to the black album since church was were right just what the doctor ordered....let the healing begin....I know God is going to make something beautiful out of all of my heartaches. God Bless You!
Thanks for a great show!
Terri Trimble - Victory Church 3/6/2011
I was invited to attend the concert by friends who regularly attend Victory Church. Though I grew up in a conservative Catholic environment, I enjoyed the show. I can't say I will ever be comfortable with a more open format to worship, but as they say, different strokes for different folks. Good luck in all you do and I have no doubt you touch thousands of lives every year. Also thought it was interesting in your bio to see you live in the Woodlands, TX. I have relatives there :o) Small world
Jessica - Victory Church 3/6/2011
Today I experienced my first Sarah Kelly concert! It was amazing! What a blessing it was to hear her story and her singing. I have never been so moved emotionally! Sarah is the physical reminder that GOD IS AWESOME and is CAPABLE of restoring and renewing the hearts and spirits of the broken. I was also reminded that even though I've been feeling cinfused, lost, and at times, very broken, GOD is there for me too and HE always loves me.... Thank you so much for the experience!
Thank you!
Diane M. - Bayside Church 3/4/2011
Thank you for coming to Bayside Church and touching us with your music and your powerful message. Your music was wonderful and the CDs are great! May God continue to use you to bless others with your faithfulness to Him and your GREAT sense of humor!!! You were truly a highlight at the Women's Coffee Talk.
Tina Wohlgemuth - Woodlands Church - Album Release Concert 3/3/2011
I told you this in person one Sunday morning and you may remember that I gave you the Amazing Grace bracelet, because it reminded me of you singing Amazing Grace on your live album. I saw you do this concert and it changed my life. I forced myself to go to church that morning and then that evening, which I never do, and PRAISE GOD because ever since, HE has been in control of my life. I have many stories, but NOW, I know he is leading me, not my own steps, but his! My son, Caleb is on fire for God. I pray constantly for my other son who is about to go to S. Korea in the Air Force, and has drifted from the Lord, and all I can say to you is that if I hadn't been at this concert, I wouldn't have changed my life, my walk, and my prayers! I still have some very real concerns, but I'm giving them to God because he is bigger than ANY problem! AMAZING! By the way, you put on a great show and I love your music. I half expected a Christian version of Janis' 'Mercedes Benz!', only better
Message from God
JOYCE SIMPSON - Dayton Vineyard 3/1/2011
I was at church[The Vineyard] at the 11:00 service and the presence of God was powerful through the whole service. It was totally anointed of God. I heard you a few years ago there and was looking forward to hearing you again. Monday I was on my way to the bank and turned on my cd"take Me Away",which I had just bought at church. AS SOON AS I TURNED IT ON I FELT GOD'S ANNOINTING AND JUST WEPT CONTINUALLY. I asked the Lord why that was happening and HE spoke and said "SARAH HAS MY HEART and NOT ONLY AM I IN THE MUSIC and SONG, but I AM THE MUSIC and SONG!! During all of this I was in worship and praising GOD in the spirit.
Vineyard concert
Laura - Dayton Vineyard 2/27/2011
I was fortunate enough to be at church this morning and hear Sarah Kelly sing along with us and then sing to us. It was so wonderful! It made me feel alive! I rushed right up and bought 2 of her CDs. I listened to them right away and feel very blessed to have been in the right place today!
Sarah, you are an inspiration!
Sarah Pike - Bayside Church 2/3/2011
I loved your music at the Women's Conference! I bought all four of your cd's and listen to them in the car all the time. You have a beautiful talent and I am so glad that through His grace you have been able to rise up and be such an inspiration! You even inspire my fashion a little bit. I LOVED that victorian style jacket with the bustle. WEAR DID U GET THAT? I am on the verge of designing my own. It was beautiful, flattering and just my style! Love you Sarah! From Sarah
Carol Soriano - Bayside Church - Women's retreat 1/30/2011
Wow you were amazing! My mom and I bought your New CD. We are your newest fans:) Thank you so much for you Comitment to God and helping us enter worship today. We were truly Blesses. ~Carol Soriano
You are AMAZING!!
Pamela - Bayside Church 1/30/2011
Thank you for blessing ALL of us at Bayside this weekend!! Your worship music was uplifting, your story spoke to the "closed" sections of my heart and your smile, friendship and love meant more than words can express!! I'll be praying for you and ALL the lives you will continue to touch and change!! Love you!
WOW! Amazing and emotional
Clara Bernard - Bayside Church 1/30/2011
Sarah- You were AMAZING this weekend! I have never been more moved through an artist's music than I was with you! I'm sure you touched and changed so many of us "lionesses" this weekend through your music. You are extremely blessed with an open and giving heart and a beautiful voice...even on the medications lol. You were so real and humble and we could all feel your love for worship and the Lord. May God continue to bless you! P.S I love my crazy smiley face signed cd...Awesome!!! :)-
Loved It!
Michelle - Bayside Church - Women's retreat 1/29/2011
I just saw you at Bayside and just loved your songs! I fell in love with Standing on my Knees. I was too late to say "Hi", but I just wanted to let you know, you have a new fan. :)
Thanks for your thoughts
Kevin Jones - Springcreek Church 1/10/2011
When you were on stage talking about The Revelation Song and how God lives in our praise, that was the first time I'd ever made the connection of singing as part of a deeper worship experience. As you put it, moving beyond "Church Karaoke" adds a whole new dimension to worship, and I thank you for connecting those dots.
Natalie - Springcreek Church 1/9/2011
Thank you for coming! You sounded beautiful!
Linda Kapusta - Heartland - Services/Concert 11/23/2010
Sarah, your concert was phenomenal! What a joy to meet you, hear you, get your CDs, and hear your personal journey story. You did an amazing job, despite your strained vocal chords. I see that you are scheduled to perform again in the area, at Life Church in Roscoe. I called to find out about it, but the person to whom I spoke had no information. Do you? I definitely want to see you again on 12/19 in Roscoe! You are a gift!!
Thank you
Josh Byars - Heartland - Services/Concert 11/17/2010
Sarah thank you for letting me be a part of such a special night,for those who were not there it was a powerful night! The spirit was moving as Sarah shared her testimony and showed the faithfulness of God through eveything.It is truly humbling to share the stage with such a gifted artist.Sarah you rock no matter what the circumstance!
Thank you!!!
Skye - Cup O Joy 11/15/2010
Sarah, Going to your concert changed my whole outlook on God's Love! Thank you soo much. It finally sunk into my heart that GOD doesn't care if I dont have the most beautiful voice in the world, he just wants to hear the love in my heart for him. I was finally able to stand in front of my church and sing and not be afraid/worried that I dont sound as good as the other girls I sing with. I left your show a different person and will forever remember that!! Thank you for everything that you do. I hope to see you again soon!! P.S.- My husband is making carbon fiber guitars- we may have one ready for you when you come again!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!
Harvest Fest
Ron - Life Chuch - Harvest Festival 11/10/2010
Harvest Fest was amazing. I loved seeing you bring the house down. That was the first time that I saw the rocker side of you... I've always known the worshipper, but the rocker is pretty awesome as well.
I am soo excited!!!
Skye - Cup O Joy 11/9/2010
I can't wait to see this concert!!! I am soo in love with the album where past meets today, and can't wait till I can get midnight sun!! Sarah- you are truly blessed and are my inspiration when I sing in our Church group!! GOD BLESS you and keep rocking!!!
your story
Kristy Johnson - Nazarene Women's conference 11/1/2010
Sarah, I just wanted to say it was great to meet you and get to know you just a tad. You are special and genuine. I feel you are at a new place in your life, and now God will use your music & life story to help a hurting world! You kept apologizing for not having your story down pat, but the thing is if you plan too much you leave out room for the Holy Spirit to work through you. You are right where God wants you, and I am glad I got to meet you and be blessed by you this last weekend. Thank you for being an instrument of Christ! Rev. Kristy Johnson
Roseville concert/appearance
Todd Carter - Bayside Church - Women's retreat 10/20/2010
Sarah, Is your concert at the womens' retreat in Roseville going to be open to the public? Or when will you be doing something in the Sacramento area? I see you have Columbia booked, is that the northern CA columbia? Love your music, you are truly are a messenger of the Word. Thanks. Todd
Thank you, Thank you, Thank u!
Sandra Moore - Woodlands Church - Album Release Concert 9/14/2010
Dearest Sarah, I'm soo happy that you are your husband decided to join The Woodlands Church. I saw you about 4 months ago and your story brought me to tears. Your voice is amazing as your soul. You are inspiration to us all and I welcome you with open arms. xxxooooo Sandra Mooore
Jealous for me
Dana Coolbaugh - Revival Christian Fellowship 9/12/2010
Sarah what a beautiful day to be blessed by your voice. Thank you for your beautiful words reminding me how lucky I am to have such a jealous God. Grateful I am!!! Hope to see you again soon and congrats on the new album.
Woodlands Church service 9/5/
Tiffany Chapman - Woodlands Church - Album Release Concert 9/10/2010
I just wanted to say you performed beautifully!!! Very Moving!!! I feel I have been 'lost' for a while & just within the last couple of months I have really let down all of my guards & have been soaking in everything good & everything Jesus! I know I am where I need to be & it feels so GOOD!! I really wanted a CD or just to know an artist that I would really enjoy listening to continue to surround myself with goodness & I was so taken back when I heard you at the Woodlands, very emotional, your songs are beautiful! So needless to say I bought your CD I can not get your CD out of my player or songs out of my head=) not a bad problem though! Thank you for touching your audience, I can tell you really care, it's awesome....can't wait to here more, so glad you are at The Woodlands! Welcome!
malinda ratcliff - Woodlands Church - Album Release Concert 9/8/2010
it was awesome and amazing sarah kelley is an angel. i want to thank god for giving her an amazing voice.
James Schiffman - Woodlands Church - Album Release Concert 9/7/2010
That was one of the most amazing performances I have experienced. I could not fathom the emotion one voice could produce. Thank you so much for the evening, and I look forward to hearing you with the praise team at the Woodlands Church. We are so blessed to have you join our family.
jaime franklin - Woodlands Church - Album Release Concert 9/7/2010
Dear Sarah, We attended your concert at Fellowship of The Woodlands, sunday night. It was great! Thank you for sharing your testimony. We look forward to seeing you often. I love your new CD. Jaime
Concert at Woodlands Church
Bernhard Rudolph - Woodlands Church - Album Release Concert 9/7/2010
Sarah, I loved the concert Sunday night at Woodlands Church and I really like the new songs you played. You Rock!!! I especially enjoyed talking with you briefly after the concert and I'm so happy to have you as part of our church. Next time I see you I'll have to introduce you to my wife and 5 kids!!! I'm glad you've found happiness and that you can share creating music with your husband Jonas. Regards, Bernhard Rudolph
Your story
Carlie - Woodlands Church - Album Release Concert 9/6/2010
Hi Sarah, I tried not to cry when you told your story. I know it too well. You gave me great hope to love again and be loved. You also gave me hope that I can still do great things for God despite being divorced. But honey, I'm free from that man & that is all that matters! I was invited to attend last night by a friend. I'm so glad I did. I held back the tears until the altar call. New converts was all it took, I was crying hard, nose running, nose blowing hard. You are so beautiful and funny, not to mention you can wail! I have your new CD and have listened to it twice today. You are amazing! Love you!
ellen perez - Woodlands Church - Album Release Concert 9/5/2010
Dear Sarah, Your concert was amazing tonight and the altar call was great. You can tell your heart and your sincerity and comedy are a refreshing experience. Welcome home to church on this side of heaven. I hope to get some of your cd's and perhaps you'd sign them for me if you have time. Again welcome to the greatest church. We are so blessed to have you. ellen
Lifest 2010
Penny Wegner - Life Fest 7/15/2010
Sarah; I wasn't even planning on coming to Lifest this year even though it is an event near and dear to my heart. I met the drummer who had been hired to play from California, and later the bass player. After talking I decided to come out and see you. You amazed me. Your soul comes out in your songs, and your voice left me wanting to listen to it more. In the few minutes I spoke with you after the show, I could see just a glimpse of heart you have for people to know Him. I personally relate to your story that you shared bits and pieces of on stage. What an incredible heart, and ministry you have. Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us. You reflect Him. Penny
Aaron Vandeberg - Life Fest 7/12/2010
Loved the show at Lifest Sarah !!!! Nobody I've seen puts more feeling into their songs!!! Thank you for sharing God from your heart. LOVED IT !!!!
hi =D
Anne - Levend Evangelie Gemeente Aalsmeerderbrug (w/ Israel Houghton) 5/30/2010
Hi Sarah, I met you this last thursday, at the concert with Israel Houghton. I just wanted yo say that I'm very impressed by the talent God has given you. You have a really special voice, and I think God gave you this specific voice to make clear that you are different from others. I'm so glad that you use this talent to bless others who need it. I loved how open you were and how you showed the love you have inside of you. I still have the song in my head: Be God over me ^^ Love it! Blesss!! Anne
Anne - Levend Evangelie Gemeente Aalsmeerderbrug (w/ Israel Houghton) 5/30/2010
Hey Sarah, I met you this last thursday. I was really amazed by you. You have a special voice. Really a specific voice, and I believe that God gave you this voice, different from all the other singers on this earth. I loved how open you were and your music was blessed. I still have the song in my head, be God over me. Love it! ^^ God bless! Anne
Markus & Kristi - BUJU Festival 5/29/2010
Hi Sarah! We really liked seeing you at the BuJu and we are enjoying your new CD! Markus listened to it every day this week on his way to work... God bless, Markus & Kristi
concert may 27th
Tatjana Selberie - Levend Evangelie Gemeente Aalsmeerderbrug (w/ Israel Houghton) 5/28/2010
Hello, I just wanna say...I went to the concert for Israel Houghton (27/5/'10) and Sarah was performing before he would come up. Never ever heard of Sarah Kelly before! But she touched my heart! It's so wonderful to see someone be so open and truly give God all the glory!! It was a priviledge to experience that! And also Sarah is a very funny (and crazy :P) woman... God bless her and everyone who hears God through her music. Much love sister!
Joep van de Velde - Levend Evangelie Gemeente Aalsmeerderbrug (w/ Israel Houghton) 5/27/2010
Dear Kelly, you were wonderful. Thank you for your worship.
fantastic concert
Joep van de Velde - Levend Evangelie Gemeente Aalsmeerderbrug (w/ Israel Houghton) 5/27/2010
Dear Kelly, I heard you rehearsing before the show at Schiphol/Holland and you were wonderful. Thank you so much for who you are and for your wonderful voice. I'm happy to have bought your 3 cd's on the booktable.
Fabian Söhlke - BUJU Festival 5/26/2010
You were so great in erfurt!!!! I love Your style and your music! Your so amazing!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!! God Bless You!!!! Greetings from germany Fabian Söhlke
Buju Festival =)
Wim Melcher - BUJU Festival 5/24/2010
Hey Sarah... i´m at home know for 3 hours yesterday i listened to you and i was amazed about your style, your lovely crazy charakter and your opened heart to your listeners =)=) maybe you remember me, you damaged my CD Cover...too funny!!! ;-) Go on with playing musik with your heart!!! GOD BLESS YOU!! Greetings from Germany! Wim Melcher
Buju Festival =)
Wim Melcher - BUJU Festival 5/24/2010
Anonymous - BUJU Festival 5/24/2010
Awesome! Stunning voice and character!
Amazing - New Life Church 5/16/2010
Sarah was AMAZING...I love her music...her voice touches my soul!! Purchased 3 CDs~ Met her in person at New Life Church in Washington~What a SWEETHEART : )
Divine moment
Alysia - Valley Bible Fellowship 5/10/2010
Sarah, you truly are amazing! words cannot express the blessing you are to so many through your voice. The love of the Lord shines through you in your beautiful smile and brightens up everything for miles upon miles. I am delighted to know that you live with peace in happiness in the midst of our world filled with injustice. Our God prevails and you are a living testimony. THANK YOU for singing at Valley Bible Fellowship!!!
Benifit concert at SCF
Bob Ellis - Sparks Christian Fellowship 5/2/2010
I was on the Tech. team at SCF on May 2nd. Her voice and love for God left me with goosebumps and a tear in my eye! She is an amazing artist and testimony to the Love and Grace that God has for us all !!!!
Sarah has an angel's voice!
Rhonda Ecker - Saddleback Church women's retreat 4/30/2010
As a Saddleback member, I am blessed each time Sarah Kelly is the worship leader or the women's ministry events. Her presence and power at the recent women's retreat in April was a shining example of her sweetness and loving kindness to the women of saddleback. We had two women injured on Saturday morning and Sarah powerfully led us through worship with "Revelation Song" an helped us unite in powerful prayer for our sisters. Thanks Sarah!!!
Living your testimony
Gina Kyle - Woodlands Church 4/23/2010
Dear Sarah, Thank you so much for worshipping with us at Fellowship of the Woodlands. My 14 year old son was with me and it is so important for these young men, all men really, to hear a testimony such as yours along with all of the women you touch. God is so good, Amen! Much love and blessings to you and yours, Gina Kyle
Woodlands Church 11:30 am
Timothy C. Scott - Woodlands Church 4/20/2010
Just had to tell you that I truly enjoyed your message & sharing this past Sunday morning. At my age I still doubt that I may have a change at true love ... but am so glad that You & other women have a chance. God Bless & Keep You & Yours ... Timothy
Diana Shearer - Woodlands Church 4/20/2010
Words are not enough to express how amazing you are! Thank you so much for sharing your story and your voice with us. God bless you and your husband!
Emily Cuplin - Woodlands Church 4/19/2010
I was fortunate enough to be at the Woodlands Church Sunday morning and all I can say is WOW! Your story really hit home with me, I endured a bad relationship that ended when my son got hurt one day. I dreamed of being a Christian singer when I was younger and sharing my testimony with others, but have never known how to go about trying to achieve it. You are living proof that God has an amazing plan for us all. Thank you so much for sharing your story and beautiful music! You are an amazing woman!
yessica - Woodlands Church 4/19/2010
I enjoyed your songs, I was crying when you shared your story, I too was a victim of domestic violence and now that I have been on my own Im enjoying life, I just started going to the Woodlands Church, and I fell in love with it, just like I enjoy your message in songs. keep up the good work!
Dennis - Woodlands Church 4/19/2010
Thank you for blessing us with your gifts and personal journey. You moved a lot of people yesterday and the presence of the holy spirit was evident. I attend FOTW faithfully and I could feel the difference in the sanctuary. May you find strength from our father in heaven to continue to share your testimony, for through you message and music, restoration is achievable for so many of our brothers and sisters in Christ. God Bless
Woodlands Church
Larry and Kelli Sinclair - Woodlands Church 4/19/2010
We were at the service yesterday morning and wanted to let you know how great we thought you were. Your singing is exceptional and of course your story is exceptional as well. We really appreciated your honesty and we love the way you sing. Please do not be afraid of anyone throwing anything at you. It was great. Please continue your journey and our best wishes and prayers go out to you. Please relay this to your loving husband as well. We did not get to meet him, but it is great that you were able to find each other. You deserve all the best.
Your music
Whitney - Woodlands Church 4/19/2010
You have such a WONDERFUL gift! When you started singing Amazing Grace I couldn't help but have tears running down my face! Your music and your message truly spoke to my heart! Not to mention you are so down to earth and are a great inspiration to so many women. Thank you for coming to Woodlands Church!
Woodlands Church -Fellowship
Brian Young - Woodlands Church 4/18/2010
Sarah's performance today was incredible and touched so many people. Many in attendance had tears while listening to her powerful voice and will be remembered by all who are lucky enough to hear it. Can't wait to see what the future holds for Sarah.
truly blessed
Danielle Tsamouris - Woodlands Church 4/18/2010
Sarah, I attended the 11:30 worship service today at my church, Fellowship of the Woodlands. I am in a knee brace and on crutches, but something told me that was not an excuse and that I needed to be there, although I didn't know why. After listening to your wonderful angelic voice and listening to your story, I felt truly blessed. I felt motivated, inspired and it renewed my faith and commitment to Christ. You have moved me beyond words and I have never heard some of the notes you are able to hit. YOu are such a shining wonderful example of God's love. God bless you! I sure hope you can come back in the near future. It was the best part of my day. Thank you. Danielle Tsamouris
Sarah Kelly moved me
jennifer mireles - Woodlands Church 4/18/2010
It was more than I expected when i learned there was going to be another special guest at church today. Ms. Kelly Sarah - you revived my spirit this morning! Just like you said during your performance, that everyone has a story...I lost my little sister two years ago, and it has knocked me right off my seat. My life has been a mess and I accepted that it will probably never be the same. It was affecting my family - especially my husband. The loss consumed me, and I couldn't understand why God couldn't just break me through this funk if He loved me so much. However, when you sang Amazing Grace - my knees buckled, my stomach shivered, and my heart melted. I knew at that moment that Jesus never left me, and if i had to let jessica go, who better to surrender her to than to our Savior Jesus Christ. Your voice, your song, your words just beautifully came together and rekindled my spirit. Thank you Sarah Kelly for doing exactly what you were born to do.
Concert at Woodlands Church
Tracee - Woodlands Church 4/18/2010
You were fantastic at our church service last night. What an inspiration you are. I have never seen or heard anyone sing like you did to make me believe through your song and through your face and eyes. All I can say is- THANK YOU!!
My Daughter
Barb Nagelhout - Woodlands Church 4/18/2010
Sarah, I don't know if you will even get the chance to read this. You were at our church last night in the Woodlands Texas. You are an amazing role model for young girls. I took a picture of you and my 14 year old daughter. You told her "NO older Boys".She says you are her new BFF! I just want you to know that girls Need to hear your story. Maybe you can come back to our church and talk to the teen girls? God Blesss You.
Bernhard Rudolph - Woodlands Church 4/18/2010
Kelly, Thank you so much for sharing your story and your music at church this morning. You moved me, my wife and my five kids almost to tears when you sang Amazing Grace and we all felt that God was in the room when you shared. We talked about how amazing you were all the way home. Just know that you are Blessed, gifted, and very loved. Thanks again for taking the risk to share your story. Love in Christ, Bernhard Rudolph
Woodlands concert
Erin - Woodlands Church 4/17/2010
Absolutely incredible. I loved your testimony and it made your music all the more meaningful. What a treat!
Your story
Pattie - Woodlands Church 4/17/2010
Your story is truly amazing and a testimonial to God's grace. I love your voice and I'm so glad you shared both your story and voice with our church.
Your story
Pattie - Woodlands Church 4/17/2010
Your story is truly amazing and a testimonial to God's grace. I love your voice and I'm so glad you shared both your story and voice with our church.
Vineyard Community Church
Diane Hallahan - Cincinnati Vineyard 4/10/2010
My family and I had the pleasure of hearing your beautiful voice on Easter Sunday at the Vineyard. What an awesome rendition of "Amazing Grace"! Got say hello when we purchased two of your cd's. Thank you for sharing Easter with us - come visit again soon!
thank you!
Betts - Cincinnati Vineyard 4/6/2010
Sarah, Bought one of your CDs after hearing you at Vineyard, Cincinnati on Easter Sunday. What a blessing you are! Thank you for sharing your talents, your story and your love for Jesus Christ! Your fire is contagious!
Vineyard Easter celebrations
Melinda Soliz - Cincinnati Vineyard 4/4/2010
Just wanted to take a second to say how blessed I was during this weekend. I sang in the choir and found that you are very kind and a real breath of fresh air. Your voice blessed me. Thank you so much. You were awesome.
great job
Hal Theobald - Cincinnati Vineyard 4/4/2010
Sarah - Loved your energy, your smile, and your passion! Thanks for sharing with us on Resurrection Sunday!
Fantastic !
Robert Kalt - Calvary Church 3/30/2010
Loved the songs you did @ Calvary Church ! I was thinking you sounded like Joplin and when you finished Pastor Ross said the same thing ! I could so identify with the lyrics, just ordered 2 cd's from Amazon.
megan - Signature Girls Conference 3/25/2010
i just wanted to tell you i was at the signature girls conference, at the very end after worship there was some kind of alter call. i went up to the far right and sat by myself away from everyone else. you came and gave me a hug. a real one. not just a whimpy side hug. you really showed you cared. i really needed that right then.i wanted to say thank you, you have no idea how much that meant to me.
Sam and Kelly - Abundant Life Church 2/28/2010
God has blessed you with a beautiful gift! You rock!
On stage w/u at New Venture
Casey Scarpulla - New Venture Christian Fellowship 2/21/2010
Hey Sarah! I don't know if you remember me, but I am one of the girls that sang with you up in stage at New Venture this weekend (the young one). Haha. I am really bummed that i didnt have the chance to say bye to you after the last service on Sunday, I had some family obligations. Well I just wanted to thank you sooo much for allowing me to sing up there with you, it was a great pleasure. I would absolutely love to do it again. You have such an amazing voice, you brought the house to thier feet with a standing ovation after your solos on Sunday. Well of course you saw. :) I have really been thinking a lot about the advice you gave me about getting back into playing the piano, I wouldnt want to be a Diva. Haha. And to start writing my own songs. I have always loved singing but I never thought i would do anything further than singing at church, but you have inspired me to do so much more. Thank you for everything. Love, Casey Scarpulla :)
Baldvin Baldvinsson - Filadelfia Church 2/14/2010
This concert was the best concert that I have ever been at...EVER..! Wow - people are still talking about it.. Looking forward to have you back :-) You are the Best..! thanks..
Live Every Love Song
Scott Smith - Revival Christian Fellowship 2/14/2010
You sang this song at my church today and my wife and I were moved to tears. My wife lost her mother to cancer when she was 19 and I lost my grandmother to lung cancer when I was 10. May God bless you.
Hills Alive Rapid City SD
Scott Johnson - Cafe 10:31 2/2/2010
Back in 2007 you were at Hills Alive in Rapid City SD. I just wanted to let you know how much it meant to me that you were wandering around with all the fans after your set. Your Worship was so Sincere and also the Love that you shared with the audience. We had brought my sons and a nephew and they still talk about you and how you hugged them all and told them you love them! You are definately one of the Kindest most Loving worship leaders! You left a lasting impression with these young men by your example! Thank you for your honesty and sincerety in your life and your music! May God bless you and your mission!
your story--plugged in
Helen Vrooman - Saddleback Church - Girls Night Out 1/30/2010
Sarah, Thanks for pointing us to Jesus last 19 year old daughter attended with me and we were blown away! You rocked the excited to see how God is working and using your life as an awesome testimony of His grace & love! Much love & blessings, Helen
your story
Krista - Saddleback Church - Girls Night Out 1/30/2010
I too fell away and was angry with God...My marriage ended and I lost my mom during the same time, and I thought,... i was faithful, I obeyed Him, I waited for His answers, and that was it?! How could He let my marriage fail? How could He let me be a single mom with out my mom( my best friend) He took so much away so quickly...I wondered how God could let me hurt so badly if he loves me so much. -I am healing now. I am not angry anymore. I am resurected, again, and will also share my story with others of how God is always there even when man or the world fails me. Amen
Girls Night Out!
Alice - Saddleback Church - Girls Night Out 1/30/2010
What an amazing voice God has given you! Thank you for sharing your testimony with us too. Looking forward to hearing more from you @ Saddleback. You were a true blessing to me & my girlfriends last night.
Tracy - Lighthouse Church 1/24/2010
Just wanted to let you know I truly enjoyed listening to you play today.My daughter Sami introduced us and I sat behind u at church. I had to leave after you were done so i didn't get a chance to tell you that I saw Tammy Trent at West Gate Chapel in Toledo Ohio a couple of years ago and I didn't think I would enjoy anyone singing that type of music as much again until I heard u sing today... Do you do any concerts with her that would be a great show..I know she tours with a woman's group she is a wonderful singer and a great person..
Sarah in Concert
Tony DiChiro - Woodcrest 1/17/2010
We just came from a performace at our Church. Sarah is fantastic. I was moved by all her selections. In particular "Sit With You Awhile" really connected with my heart. Music has always been an important part of our services, so I especially appreciate someone like Sarah who can really BRING IT!!!. Reminded me a little of Janice and Bonnie Rait. Loved it. Woodcrest.
Hillary Harper - New Life Church 1/11/2010
:) Hello. I went to 1030 Sunday service at New Life. Was blessed when you sang the last song. Loved how you sang it different than the norm. lol and then when I walked past you while walking to the bathroom you said 'fiesty' lol. That comment was very true that day. I wrestled with some stuff but in the end God was glorified. Just wanted to say hello and this is the first time I have heard of you and am very blessed. Keep in pursuit of our Father. Maybe I'll see you around again. God Bless
You were at my church today :D
Rebekah Sanders - New Life Church 1/10/2010
Hi! You sang at my church today (New LIfe Church @ Renton)! I had never heard of you before, but i thought u were really fun and it seems like u really enjoy what u do :)
Paula V. - Maata Nakyvissa 1/5/2010
My sister bought your cd (Where the past meets today), from Maata Näkyvissä. I have listened it too, and you know what? I love it! :) I liked the concert just as much as the cd, but I just haven't remembered to tell you that! So I'm glad to do that now. I wish you'll come to Finland again sometime! I'll be there, if it happens some day. Your music gives me a lot of encouragement to believe in God, when it feels the hardest thing in the world. So, that's all I have to say: Thank you!
Your story
Cathy O - Sparks Christian Fellowship 1/4/2010
Hi, your introduction about yourself, regarding your abusive relationship, really touched me. I have recently escaped from one that verged physical abuse, and I gained many scars and bruises from the emotional abuse I received. You mentioned yours stemmed from leaving a light on... I can relate so well to that - mine was usually because I didn't get to my phone quick enough at all hours. I agree this needs to be brought to light, but at the same time, I know for myself, it's hard to admit that I was a victim. I feel so much shame for falling into the trap. Thank you, for your courage to stand up, and declare your past. It's encouraging to me. Thank you.
Christine Karadanis - Sparks Christian Fellowship 1/3/2010
your voice truly moved me. It's so powerful and beautiful! i downloaded Amazing Grace. thank you.
I always enjoy your singing
Chad - Heartland 12/28/2009
Thank you so much for the two hugs. I am hope we get to see you again next year. That was an amazing time. I can't wait to be able to get your song day and night. That was awesome.
Sarah Maynard - Life Church - "The Source" 12/21/2009
Hi Sarah, I am 30 years old. I have been listening to your music since 2006 and I love it. I still have to purchase your most recent cd. The reason I am writing you is because I want to say Thank You for sharing at the Source (Roscoe 12/19). Thank you for being so real and genuine about your abusive experience. You have been through the bad but you chose to see past it and know that God would RESTORE. You chose healing. Anger and abuse has such a huge affect on people's lives and it takes so much time to heal. Sadly some people never get to the restore part because they can't see it. I want to tell you that not only are you a great musician to me, but now you have also become an inspiration to me. Thank you Sarah! God has worked a lot on restoring who I am internally and becoming happy, but I know there are a lot more amazing exciting things to happen yet in my future, as well as yours. Great job in your career and all your pursuits!
dyana - Heartland 12/16/2009
hi Sarah you went to the school that i go to hemet elementy the day that you went is december16,2009 you are so right when you said when people make fun of you you would be famous for what they made fun of when they said to you that your hair was ugly they were just lying they were jealous that you had pretty hair i wish you were a part of my family i would love that please........right back if you have a chance to read it love your songs Dyana Rivera
dyana - Heartland 12/16/2009
hi Sarah you went to my school on December16,2009
thank you
John Scott - Community Christian Church 12/15/2009
You always "bring it" with heart and soul! Thank you!!!
Brian - Community Christian Church 12/13/2009
Thank you for your wonderful words. This Christmas season we are minus one in our family, my wonderful mother-in-law. She passed away last January. She will be sorely missed. Your words encouraged us to learn to praise God even through the valleys. Keep up the great work for our Lord.
beautiful worship
Stephanie - Community Christian Church 12/13/2009
Thank you so much for visiting Community Christian Chruch this wee